Jakub Rebelka

Website: http://conceptartworld.com/?p=35910 Jakub Rebelka is a very cool illustrator and comics creator that I found some days ago on a facebook group and thought his style is very cool and colorful. Advertisements

Daniel Dociu

Website: http://danieldociu.weebly.com Daniel Dociu is an award winning  sci-fi and fantasy artist in the entertainment industry. I got to know his work through the Guild Wars videogames where I could see his digital illustrations which have a really fresh and innovative look and cool designs.

Alex Garner

Website: http://www.alexgarner.com Alex Garner is an illustrator and concept artist who does a lot of comic book work which is stunning. I like a lot the neatness and cleanliness of his renderings and the tridimensionality he gives to all the elements that appear in the scenes.

Bram Eulaers

Website: http://www.brameulaers.net Bram Eulaers is a Belgian concept artist working at Blizzard in the USA. He creates really great environment designs and is also developing his own project called Gibhard which is an FPS game made with procedural environments and inspired in old pixel shooters.

Jakub Rozalski

Website: http://jakubsan.tumblr.com He is a Polish concept artist who has become quite popular lately with his series of fan art paintings of The Witcher and also with his personal project “Scythe” where he creates images inspired in rural Polish life, adding a sci-fi element to it with giant robots and war machines.

Ross Tran

Website: http://rossdraws.tumblr.com He is an artist I found not long ago through his youtube channel “RossDraws” which is a lot of fun as he makes some short digital painting tutorials. The thing that makes them more fun is that he has a lot of energy and makes his videos very entertaining.