Sweden: Smedsdorf

Arriving in Sweden I was greeted by my hostess whose name I couldn’t pronounce properly at the beginning because it sounded completely different as how I would have read it, anyway I learned it quickly. She had arrived with another girl, a bit younger than me, who came from Manchester and had been staying as … More Sweden: Smedsdorf


We got to Lithuania (me and my Catalan friend) by bus which we actually had to take from Warsaw, because we couldn’t find any possible way to get there from our current place in Poland called Mikolajki, which forced us to make a huge detour. By the time we got to Vilnius we were absolutely … More Lithuania

Finland: Ylivieska

Before getting to my next helpx in Ylivieska, I went to a city called Oulu for a visit and because it was the nearest bigger place where the transport could easily take me. There I couchsurfed at a friendly guy’s house who took me to play his favorite sport called air golf which is played … More Finland: Ylivieska