New instagram account

I opened a second instagram account only for my drawings, sketches, illustrations and art in general, leaving the previous one only for travel photos. Feel free to check it out and follow me as @magorographics2 Advertisements

Ceremonial Owl Mask

For quite some time I have wanted to develop a project inspired in the precolombine cultures such as the Mayans, Aztecs and the plenty of others there existed, that’s why many of my drawings are influences by them. This is one sketch I made with some digital colors thinking about a ceremonial mask in the shape … More Ceremonial Owl Mask

Wooden church

Another digital painting practice on photoshop. I went straight to the painting of the shapes and colors without any previous lineart or sketching. The original image is a photo I took at an open air museum in Lviv, Ukraine. It took me about 2 hours, as it was only a practice sketch, it doesn’t have … More Wooden church

“The birdman” study

I painted this in photoshop as a quick practice and study. I began straight with color because I didn’t want to do again outline as I do with pencil drawings, the point is to speed up my process for studying. I hope you like it and feel free to comment if you want.