Jess Taylor

Website: I got to meet and have a quick chat with Jess Taylor during the ECAF 2017 (Edinburgh Comic Art Festival). Her art is absolutely beautiful with some influences from one of her favourite artists, Gustav Klimt and the animation of Samurai Jack from Cartoon Network. Check out her portfolio!   Advertisements

Viktor Vasnetsov

Виктор Михайлович Васнецов (1848 – 1926) was an amazing Russian painter and architect whose work I discovered recently in a trip to Russia, while visiting the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. His paintings are huge in size and incredibly stunning with a masterful technique and really cool mythological and historical subjects.

Jakub Rebelka

Website: Jakub Rebelka is a very cool illustrator and comics creator that I found some days ago on a facebook group and thought his style is very cool and colorful.

Fenghua Zhong

Website: This chinese artist’s work is unbelievably epic, I am blown away with every single image he makes. The mount of detail he uses and the excellent wuality of the rendering are incredible. I also love the scale he uses in his pictures making some characters appear massive.

Daniel Dociu

Website: Daniel Dociu is an award winning  sci-fi and fantasy artist in the entertainment industry. I got to know his work through the Guild Wars videogames where I could see his digital illustrations which have a really fresh and innovative look and cool designs.

Alex Garner

Website: Alex Garner is an illustrator and concept artist who does a lot of comic book work which is stunning. I like a lot the neatness and cleanliness of his renderings and the tridimensionality he gives to all the elements that appear in the scenes.

Heather Theurer

Website: I found her on the Art Renewal Center website as she won a  prize in the Imaginative Realism art category of the International ARC salon 2014/2015 awards. Her traditional paintings are amazing with an excellent technique. She has also created a very cool gallery of reimagined Disney characters.

Arantzazu Martínez

Website: Arantzazu Martínez is an amazing Spanish traditional painter who I discovered not long ago while surfing the web. Her technique is masterful and the subjects she depicts eerie.