Hans Fredrik Gude

I found out about the Norwegian painter Hans Fredrik Gude (1825-1903) through one of the art groups I follow on facebook, as another Norwegian digital artist (of whom I will talk about later) was doing some studies of his paintings and I thought they were amazing.

He was a romanticist and one of Norway’s most important landscape painters. You can see an incredible clarity and level of detail in all of his paintings with a depth of color that I think no camera can match. Apart from that, the landscapes of his home country are simply stunning by themselves.

I would definitely encourage you to check some more of his artworks online and if you can go to the National Gallery of Norway in Oslo (which I would love to do) go check them out live.

"Vinterettemiddag" by Hans Fredrik Gude
“Vinterettemiddag” by Hans Fredrik Gude
"Brenning Ved Hanko" by Hans Fredri Gude
“Brenning Ved Hanko” by Hans Fredri Gude
"Fra Sandvika" by Hans Fredrik Gude
“Fra Sandvika” by Hans Fredrik Gude

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