Gyula Havancsák


I found out about this illustrator after investigating who made the album cover artwork for the folk metal band called “Elvenking” which I thought was amazing, especially the one called “The Scythe” and “The winter wake”.

He has done a lot of work for bands as well as book covers. His illustrations are created digitally with a mixture of photo-bashing and painting, with a stunning quality, partly realistic partly stylized which give it a highly illustrative look in my opinion.

You can visit his website to see his whole amazing gallery and also don’t forget to follow me on pinterest to find a lot of art from him and more artists: Magoro Graphics Pinterest

"The winter wake" by Gyula Havancsák
“The winter wake” by Gyula Havancsák
"The scythe" by  Gyula Havancsák
“The scythe” by Gyula Havancsák
"Two tragedy poets" by  Gyula Havancsák
“Two tragedy poets” by Gyula Havancsák

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