Tomek Bagiński


Long time ago, when I was deciding what I would like to study at the university and I was very inclined to digital animation, I found a really cool short film on Youtube called “The Cathedral” which had won several prizes and was created by one person, this person was a Polish man called Tomek Bagiński.

He works now at a studio in Warsaw called Platige Image where they have created some more amazing short films, commercials, videogame cinematics, etc. They are responsible for the introduction cinematics for the “The Witcher games” with which they also got several awards.

I had the opportunity to visit the museum of the Warsaw uprising where they show a small video reconstruction that they created, of the devastation of the city in WWII and it was simply stunning, it was like watching a real HD video recorded at the time from a helicopter.

If you like “The Cathedral” you should definitely go check out his other animations such as “Fallen Art” and “The Ark”, the concept behind them as well as their execution are superb.


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