Prehispanic portrait

This one was a drawing I did for one of my good friends who likes my work and wanted to have a physical piece.

I chose to draw a portrait for her from one of her photos but adding something extra, so I did what we call a “penacho” or a feathered kind of crown the Aztecs used for their leaders and some other prehispanic inspired jewelry.

First I made a few small pencil sketches to define the idea and composition as well as for warm up, later I made another small portrait focusing on how I would approach the rendering with my ball-point pen. Finally I made the bigger picture on an A4 paper with a pencil, pressing lightly on the paper to get all the drawing right and then I rendered it carefully with the pen.

I sent it by mail and my friend was very happy with the result.

You can check out my deviantart and follow me, there I post many of my sketches and final illustrations, some of them available for print as well: deviant art

"Prehispanic portrait" by Mario Alberto González Robert
“Prehispanic portrait” by Mario Alberto González Robert

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